ADESO Trucks can offer you various services. Any vehicle purchased must arrive safely at its destination. Most trucks will be picket up with a driver. For this option, the customer must have temporary number plates. Below you can read about the different possibilities that we can offer you. It is also possible to transport the purchased trucks with a flatbed trailer or by ship.

01 RDW Certified.

Adeso trucks has RDW accreditation and can provide the following services:
- Dutch registered vehicles with a valid MOT can be exported in our company, we can make temporary license plates and RDW export declaration.


02 Transportation and shipping.

In order to transport a truck from A to B, there are several possibilities. A truck can be picked up with a flatbed trailer, or a ship, or the combination of both of them. For more information or possibilities, please contact us.


03 Custom declaration.

When transporting vehicles outside the EU, you need some customs documents. The most common document is a document EX1 (Sagitta). For some countries, there must be paid a deposit of 10%. As soon as the vehicle leaves the EU, then the customer will deposit paid back.

In some countries also requires EUR1 Certificate, surely we can also arrange this for you. We are authorized, to take care of all customs document in our office and in a short time.


04 Transit plates

Vehicles that will drive to home must have a valid export license plates. In our company It is possible to buy a temporary license plate, which is valid limited number of days. There are several possibilities for the temporary plates. It depends on the origin of the truck what type of plates you need and what it will cost. According to your wishes, we can offer you best matching license plate.


05 Hotels.

In Enschede and Hengelo you can find many Hotels. If it be necessary, we can help you to find a good hotel / residence.

frans op den Built is a cheap alternative. For more information visit the website

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